On this very cold Saturday night Dutch most famous and oldest rockband Golden Earring turned on the heat in a very crowded Rodahal in Kerkrade for their 'Last Blast Of The Decade'. They were supported by The New Shining, an alternative rock band also from the Netherlands. This 3-piece warmed up the audience well. Thanx to Jac Houben for the Golden Earring pics. Click below on "Read More" or scroll down for an exclusive report.

THE NEW SHINING (20.00 - 20.50 hrs.)
The support act from this night is The New Shining, a Dutch alternative rock band formed in the summer of 2006 by Xander "NAX" Stok on vocals and guitars, his brother Vincent "VINCE" Stok on drums and bass guitar player Arjan "R" Nijman. In 2008 the band released their first album “Supernatural Showdown”. Not soon later they started to write new songs. Then well-known producer Erwin Musper (Anouk, Van Halen, etc.) contacted them what resulted in the band's 2nd album ‘Hedges Against The Night’. This album became album tip of this month.

I never saw The New Shining on stage before. As I am very impressed by their latest album I was very curious about their live performance. Well, nothing wrong with that! They delivered a great energic set in a Rodahal that was already very crowded. Although the band plays alternative rock music their performance was very well appreciated by the Earring fans where the avarage age is rather older than the followers of The New Shining. Guitar player/vocalist Nax struggled with the flu the day before but his voice was in a good shape. The rhythm section with R and Vince played very solid. The band started with "Between a Rock & a Hard Place", a brand new track just as "The End Game". The Dutch rockers did only 2 tracks from their latest album: the single "ShadowCast" and "How Does It Feel". Other highlights were "Red Eyes", "Temptation", Bugz (a song for the sleepless) and an excellent cover from The Cult "She Sells Sanctuary". Citizens of the USA watch out for this band. TNS might be the next Dutch band who will conquer your country!!

Set List:
01. Between a Rock & a Hard Place
02. ShadowCast
03. How Does It Feel
04. Someone Like You
05. She Sells Sanctuary (The Cult cover)
06. Red Eyes
07. The End Game
08. Bugz
09. Temptation

Xander "NAX" Stok - vocals and guitars
Vincent "VINCE" Stok - drums
Arjan "R" Nijman - bass guitar