Netherlands based rock band The [New] Shining have been enjoying great success through much of Europe since releasing their debut album “Supernatural Showdown” in April, now they are preparing for a promotional push in the US, and if their success on the Alternative Addiction Top 20 chart is any indication, they’ve much success to come.

Oddly, the song that’s gotten them so much attention on Alternative Addiction, happens to be a single that the band has yet to release. The song “Red Eyes” was added to Alternative Addiction’s Top 20 chart, in early May, where it quickly climbed to #1 and remained there for over a month.

“Red Eyes has not been an official single yet.. till now of course.. We can take a hint!” lead singer Nax told Alternative Addiction. “Red Eyes will be our 2nd single to be released beginning of September this year.”

Nax says that there’s been plenty of signs that band is ready for an equally successful runs in the US besides the band’s success on AA.

“We’ve had many requests from especially American radio stations to send them our cd. Also the response through our MySpace has been overwhelming,” explained Nax.

“But since we really want to play America sometime soon, that’s all the better for us obviously. There’s a good chance we’ll feel so at home over there, we might never want to leave again!”

The band’s debut album, definitely has an American Rock feel to it, including a cover of the Nine Inch Nails classic “Hurt” – a track that Nax says he discovered by Johnny Cash’s cover.

“I was sold, instantly. I was touched to my very core. I can’t even begin to express what that did to me,” said Nax. “So we decided to cover it, not knowing by the way, that the original belongs to Trent Reznor. We found that out later on. Since Johnny Cash’s version was acoustic we decided to cover it The [New] Shining-style.”

The band’s album is not yet available in stores in the US, but fans in the states can download the CD on iTunes, and soon, order it on Amazon.

As for the oddly placed brackets within the band’s name, Nax says there’s really no hidden meaning, it was just part of the band original logo design and stuck with the band.

“We like it, and so does everyone we speak. It’s catchy,” says Nax. “Mind you, they have to be straight kind [ ] , not the general brackets ( ) …just so you know!”

The New Shining will be playing a number of shows including several large festivals in Europe this summer, then embark on a club tour in the fall.

“Our music is made for “live” and large crowds. We love that stuff!”