The (New) Shining originates from former 5 piece bands Lost Serenity (96-99), Chain (00-01) and the 4 piece band Dinos4Dinner (02-06).

In 2002, after having tried innumerable singer and many musical escapades, lead guitarist Nax steps up to take on the lead vocals. The Line up is: "Nax" Xander Stok - Vocals/Lead Guitar, "R" Arjan Nijman - Bass/Vocals and Vincent Stok - Drums. I totally surrender when I hear a band that has elements of both 80's hard rock and modern rock in their sound just like this power trio from Holland.

This is exactly what I have been waiting for, huge sounding guitars and melodic vocals with strong choruses. Their debut was produced by Oscar Holleman (Within Temptation) and it sounds like a million bucks, let me tell you. Big rock for big arenas and another contender for my top album list of 2008, watch the video of the single "Temptation" and purchase your copy at their myspace page.