Willing to sponsor or donate for good, sincere music?

Hey guys, people have been asking us what's the holdup, what's the delay?

Well, we're working like crazy behind the scenes, and our new album Elephant is finished, BUT we're still 5000 euros or so short, money we need to release and promote our new album, to make it all happen and give it a fighting chance.

We're not asking money from you personally, but should you know people or companies willing to sponsor or donate for good, sincere music, please give us a headsup!

We'd love to give them a call or reach out to them (or should you be that person, you could reach out to us). Send an email to It's greatly appreciated, thanks! :)

A little taste of our new album 'Elephant'

After 5 years, new album 'Elephant' coming soon! So, it's high time to give you guys a little taste of the new album. Check out this little teaser we made for you. Of course we'd LOVE to hear what you guys think! ❤

‘MUSIC has to be REAL. Not just making noise.’

Quote by Nax / The New Shining

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Thanks for all your ongoing support

When we released our double album Stripped/Full Circle, we received 3 nominations for the prestigious Edison Pop Price. Thanks guys, for all your ongoing support and patience. We’re back soon to make some REAL MUSIC!

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