The New Shining

So I feed the fire as I'm running through the rain,
I gotta catch the liar who is feeding off my shame”
(Black Dog on album Elephant)

After more than 5 years of radio silence, The New Shining has released its 6th studio album: 'Elephant'.
The new album features 12 songs from the rock band that surprised friend and foe in 2012 with the intimate, acoustic song 'Can't Make Up My Mind'. The song became a classic on Dutch radio.

After a rollercoaster ride of radio and TV performances, festivals, club tours and interviews, the band took a temporary break early 2014. Nax, singer/guitarist and also songwriter of the band: “The band needed a break. What people sometimes forget is that prior to our success with the album Stripped/Full Circle we had years of struggling. It affects you. Of course we enjoyed our success, but some band members really needed a moment of reflection.”

Solo Project
Nax, the lead singer, grasped the opportunity in this tranquil period and set up his long-anticipated solo project. “I have been writing like crazy for 3 years. I experimented with everything that I came across. Synths, psychedelic music, authentic roots music and meanwhile built my own studio. I wanted to go into depth in terms of songwriting, writing lyrics, but also arranging, recording, producing and mixing. For three years I have quietly withdrawn to be able to feel and hear myself again.
During that time I learned a lot about writing music and producing, but also about myself. Some people become anxious by the idea of being alone with themselves for 3 years. For me it’s like an oasis. Apart from the world, away from the noise of every day life, being lived. And to be able to reflect on things that really matter."
This period resulted in Nax's solo debut album 'Heart Fire Home'.
(short docu: Finding Home)

Unfortunately around the release of Nax’s solo album he was struck by a dark depression, something the singer has been struggling with all his life. “I couldn't do anything anymore. No promotion, no shows, no interviews, nothing. Paralysed. There was only one thing I could do: write music. That's the only thing I can do then. And it’s the only thing that actually helps. This was one of the most serious depressions I'd experienced so far. I missed my band and decided to write a new TNS album. While writing, I realized that it’s music that keeps me going and pulls me through the darkest periods of my life.”

The invisibles
Few people realize what it means to struggle with depression: “You suffer in silence. Invisible. I feel blessed that I'm able to turn my condition into something positive through my music. I truly wish that for everyone dealing with this sickness. Annually, around one million people still commit suicide. A million!
I feel strongly connected to those who suffer and struggle in silence.
I'd like to encourage, comfort and inspire them by giving them a voice and let them know that they are being seen. This album is meant for those people. The 'invisibles', the misfits, the people on the edge of society. I'm one of them.
That also explains the title of the album: the big elephant in the room...’

Electro Rock
Conveniently enough, those 3 years of experimenting come in very handy. Elephant is riddled with 80's synth sounds. The band describes it as electro rock with a hefty smear of the 80s. "We really love the 80s. But only dare admitting so now," says bass player 'R' with a wink.

The singer/songwriter of the album does not shrink from people having a peak into his soul. The album is full of real, personal and emotionally evocative lyrics.
“I love to write real lyrics. Write about real things. If you got nothing to say, then you don't have a song, in my opinion. The world already has enough noise as it is ..”

Own Production
The songwriter of the band also signed for the production of the new album: "I made this album from scratch for the first time. From writing to mixing, producing and mastering. When you’re finally holding it in your hands, that's really something..”

Selling Points
Stripped, the acoustic album released in 2012, became 'Album of the Week' at national radio stations 3FM, Radio 2 and Radio 1, and the record received nominations for three Edison and two 3FM radio awards.
The single 'Can’t Make Up My Mind' climbed the Dutch rock charts (Mega Top 50) and stayed there for weeks. It was also voted “Most beautiful song of 2012” by Radio 2, entering that station’s all-time greatest hits Top 2000 chart in the same year.
The band played at home and abroad, sold out two of its own club tours, played at festivals such as Concert at Sea and Songbird and was the longest-running supporting act for the Golden Earring with 3 years.

The New Shining is:
Xander 'Nax' Stok: lead singer / guitarist (songwriter)
Arjan 'R' Nijman: bas and backing vocals
Roel van der Sluis: drums

"Elephant" will be released in October 2019 via Johnny T Records. The first single from this album is called "Looks Like Rain".

October 2019

New Album: Elephant

October 2019

September 2019

Single release: Looks Like Rain


Album Nax:
Heart Fire Home

Op zoek naar verdieping en verstilling sluit Nax zichzelf 3 jaar op in zijn eigen studio. Geboren uit nood, besluit hij om alles dit keer voor eigen rekening te nemen: van het schrijven van de liedjes, het inspelen van alle instrumenten tot het zelf opnemen, mixen en produceren. In het voorjaar van 2017 verschijnt zijn solo album 'Heart Fire Home'.



Nax schrijft solo album

Tot teleurstelling van fans en professionals, besluit The New Shining een pauze in te lasten, terwijl Nax zich terugtrekt in de studio om aan zijn solo project te werken.

Oktober 2013

Album: Wake Up Your Dreams

Op 17 oktober vindt de cd-presentatie van album 'Wake Up Your Dreams' plaats in een uitverkocht Rotown, Rotterdam. De volgende dag volgt de release en verschijnt het album online en in winkels.

Oktober 2013

Voorjaar 2013

Edison Pop & 3FM Awards

The New Shining maar liefst 3 Edison nominaties; voor Beste Nieuwkomer, Beste Album en Beste Song. Ook werd de band genomineerd voor twee 3FM Awards: voor Beste Single en voor een 3FM Serious Talent Award.

Tour 2012-2013

TNS on stage

The New Shining verzilvert het succes met vele liveoptredens, o.a. op Concert At Sea en het Songbird Festival, een uitverkochte clubtour en een 3FM Serious Talent tour.

Tour 2012-2013

December 2012

Top 2000

A dream come true: 'Can't Make Up My Mnd' komt binnen in de prestigieuze Top 2000.

Zomer 2012

Hitsingle: Can’t Make Up My Mind

Single ‘Can’t Make Up My Mind’ groeit uit tot een echte radio-hit, staat 4 maanden op high rotation op diverse landelijke radiostations zoals Radio 2 en 3FM.

Zomer 2012

Mei 2012

Album: Stripped / Full Circle

In 2010 slaat de band een andere weg in. "Het moet écht zijn, not just making noise.." Een heftige, donkere periode in het leven van frontman Nax volgt, waaruit na twee jaar intensief schrijven en componeren het wonderlijk mooie akoestische album Stripped ontstaat. Dit album verschijnt als dubbelaar samen met het elektrische Full Circle.


Golden Earring

2009 tot eind 2011 is The New Shining  het vaste voorprogramma van de levende rock legende ‘The Golden Earing’.



Album: Hedges Against The Night

Na het glorende succes van het debuutalbum, vertrekt The New Shining naar de USA om daar met Erwin Musper (o.a. Bon Jovi, Metallica) het heftige Hedges Against The Night op te nemen. Het album ontvangt lovende recensies in vakbladen o.a. als OOR en het Duitse Rock Hard.


Album: Supernatural Showdown

Debuutalbum 'Supernatural Showdown' wordt opgenomen bij Oscar Hollemans (o.a. bekend van Within Temptation). De band wordt uitegroepen tot 3FM Serious Talent en eind 2008 volgt een top 10 notering in de Amerikaanse alternative charts voor single ‘Red Eyes’.



The New Shining

The New Shining ontstaat in de zomer van 2006. De drie leden van de band, Xander “Nax” Stok (vocals en gitaar), Arjan “R” Nijman (bass en backing vox) en Vincent “Vince” Stok (drums), speelden op dat moment al zo’n 10 jaar met elkaar in diverse bands. In 2006 wordt besloten met z’n drieën verder te gaan onder een nieuwe naam: The New Shining. Naast gitaar neemt Nax nu ook voor het eerst de zang voor zijn rekening.