When We Collide


Your lips are slightly open; I think I feel your breath on my skin
My body shivers when I watch your mouth, won’t you let me in?

Your eyes hold a promise of a desert in bloom
Baby, I already surrendered when you walked into the room

Your hips are swinging
And it burns inside
Every time when we collide

This time I won’t let go
I’ve come to take you home

So baby, don’t stop dancing now
I’m gonna love you the best way I know how

My woman, my pain inside
Remove the thorn in my side

This ain’t no sin
It’s the fire within

My eyes are watching every move you make
You smile and light up the fire just to see me ache

But tonight I know you’ll wrap your legs around mine
Till then I’ll watch you dance for me, one more time

This ain’t no sin
It’s the fire within


© 2012 - The New Shining

Album: Stripped / Full Circle
Lyrics by: Nax