Sam Stone

His name is Sam Stone
It must be twenty years ago
Since we last talked
And your new friend’s arrival
But I remember you
You never left my mind
And I never gave up hope
For a new revival

I watched you from afar
Saw the struggle in your heart
And it brought out a tear to my eye
But I knew you’d be alright
Cos you don’t quit and hide
And I wish for you, you hold on to that fire

Where did you go, Sam Stone?
Tell me where did you go
Sam Stone

There’s a thunder in the sky
A storm has arrived
And you shake down every tree
For your own survival
Do you remember me?
And how we used to run
Like the brothers we were, instead of rivals

How I miss you Sam Stone

Suddenly last night
You called me up and cried
And I was so relieved to hear the sound of your voice
I said, where are you Sam
I’ve missed you old friend
Give me a minute or so
And I will come to bring you home
I will come to bring you home

Wherever you go
Sam Stone
I will come to bring, bring you home
Wherever you go
I will bring you home
Wherever you go


© 2017 - Nax

Album: Heart Fire Home
Lyrics & music by: Nax