Where Do I Stand


I wish that I was told Cos now I just don’t know
What I’m supposed to feel

And now there’s nothing left A cold and empty bed
Should I just lay my head or defy the feeling?

When I was just a boy And life was still a joy
My daddy sang to me

But now there’s something wrong It’s like I don’t belong
So why do I keep on holding on?

So where, where do I stand How can I breathe once again?
So where, where do I go How can I feel once again

It may seem strange to you But till this day I have no clue
What I am doing here

To be that boy again Believe in God, a Promised Land
Don’t wanna end up like a bitter old man


© 2013 - The New Shining

Album: Wake Up Your Dreams
Lyrics & music by: Nax